Welcome to the AWS Reinvent 2017. AWS re:Invent Annual Conference is right around the corner taking place November 27 – December 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. AWS re:Invent 2017 was designed for the AWS enthusiasts, customers and cloud computing newcomers. AWS Reinvent is the biggest learning conference that is hosted by the famous Amazon Web Services. Global cloud computing community could gain more updates about new technology that rolls around the world. Main features of the AWS re:Invent 2017 events are keynotes announcements, training as well as certification. Participants can access about 1,000 technical sessions, after-hours events, partner expo and many more. The AWS Re invent 2017 is a nearly week-long conference with offering the greatest source of information as well as education for the attendees with various skill level.

Amazon AWS Reinvent is one of the biggest opportunity for the people to stay connect, engage and discuss the current AWS products and services. With the major breakout sessions that ranges with learning the introductory, advanced and expert level latest news and announcements from the key AWS executives, customers and partners. The Amazon Reinvent agenda offers

  • Over 1,000+ breakout sessions
  • Multiple hackathons
  • Boot camps
  • Workshops
  • re:Source Mini Con
  • Full additional day of Content

AWS Reinvent Conference 2017:

AWS re:Invent 2017 is ideal for the Engineers, Developers, Systems Architects, System Administrators, Technical Decision Makers and customers. Get a full-day technical deep dive with the high advance topics like Big Data, IoT, Containers, Security Services, Machine Learning, Serverless Computing and many others in AWS summit with getting new information and updates. In fact, you can gain more information with this conference without spending much and suitable for improving your career. Get the updated AWS Reinvent price details of the conference with the registration process.

What To Expect in New AWS ReInvent 2017:

What to Expect at Amazon Re Invent

AWS re:Invent is largest partner and customer conference that is dedicated for the cloud computing. Amazon AWS Reinvent 2017 added full day additional content in the expanded campus bringing you more learning opportunities efficiently. With the multiple hackathons, workshops and bootcamps in AWS Reinvent conference there are more than 1000 sessions are conducted for the participants. AWS experts have the hands-on experiences in every session and bring a good guidance in much more understandable way. Official AWS Reinvent 2017 dates have been announced with November 27 – December 1, 2017.

  • Full day Multiple hackathons
  • Expanded Expo hours
  • More than 1,000+ breakout sessions
  • Connect with innovators in major partner community
  • Get hands-on experiences with AWS experts
  • Unique Amazonian events – memorable re:Play party

Whether you are working as a start-up, enterprise, or a government agency, attending the AWS conference helps you to gain the superior knowledge about the modern technology with experience. “Knowledge is power”. AWS Reinvent 2017 brings you the entire and unique insight about the knowledge to easily refine your

  • Cloud strategy
  • Improve developer productivity
  • Increase application performance
  • Security
  • Reduce infrastructure costs

Expanded Expo hours are offered for the participants to make sure that everyone is connected with the innovators from latest partner community. Unique Amazonian events are available with playing broomball, staying fit with all-star fitness activities, chow down in Tatonka Challenge along with memorable re:Play party.

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AWS Reinvent Agenda/Schedule:

AWS Reinvent 2017 is one of the biggest learning conference conducted by Amazon Web Services. The AWS Reinvent is ready to take the global cloud computing community to the next level. Follow the AWS Reinvent Agenda to get absolute training and certification based on the Amazon cloud services. The Amazon reinvent 2017 Conference is the discussion and knowledge-sharing platform that focuses on current market trends, projects, developments, advanced technology as well as new innovations in various sector. The AWS Reinvent schedule is based on the following Agenda or schedules

  • Expo
  • Keynote
  • Learn
  • Meals
  • Partners & Sponsors
  • Play
  • Training & Certification

Free Livestream of the AWS Reinvent schedule will be provided for the participants and it is useful to understand complete information efficiently. The conference is an ideal forum for everyone who interested in the latest projects, developments, trends, and technology.

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AWS Reinvent Schedule Expo Agenda:

  • Certification Exams
  • Bootcamps
  • Hands On Labs
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Industry Day
  • Lunch – Aria, MGM Grand, The Venetian
  • Global Partner Summit – MGM Grand
  • Monday, Nov 27 – Certification Exams and Bootcamps
  • Tuesday, Nov 28 – Aws Re:Invent 5k – The Mirage
  • Wednesday, Nov. 29 – Cyclenation Spin Challenge
  • Thursday, Nov. 30 – Fitness Bootcamp
  • Friday, Dec. 1 – Aws Certification Exams

AWS Reinvent Learn/Play/Bootcamp sessions:

Technical Bootcamps – Introductory

  • Building An Aws Cloud Adoption Business Case

Technical Bootcamps — Intermediate

  • Build A Dynamic Conversational Bot
  • Hi Alexa, Where Is The Closest Bathroom?
  • Migrate From That Expensive Database To Amazon Aurora!
  • People, Organization, And Operating Model Transformation
  • Virtual Escape Room

Technical Bootcamps — Advanced

  • Aws Well-Architected Framework
  • Building Serverless Compliance-As-Code
  • Building A Smart Assistant With Amazon Ai Services
  • Text Mining And Sentiment Analysis

AWS Reinvent Technical Bootcamps – “Building An AWS Cloud Adoption Business Case”

Technical Bootcamps is a full day training designed to offer the high-level AWS Cloud Adoption Business Case by hands-on experts. AWS Reinvent 2016 attained great success with creating a good atmosphere for the participants to learn new and amazing ideas about the modern technology and techniques in various fields. Introductory Technical Bootcamps covers complete calculation for the

  • Cost of operation (TCO)
  • Cost of migration (TCM)
  • Resource efficiency modelling
  • Value benefits of migration
  • Cost optimization principles

amazon reinvent 2015_02 welcome reception

High-level business case is offered in much more efficient way suitable or the hypothetical customer with gaining new knowledge in much efficient way to run a business case even in the own organization. The Amazon Web Service Bootcamp is highly beneficial for the Individuals who are responsible for writing business case based on the AWS Cloud adoption. Executives such as CIOs, CFOs, CEOs or CxOs interested in developing the business case with the AWS Cloud adoption can gain with this opportunity. Extensive Reinvent AWS Introductory Technical Bootcamps Instructor-Led Training is delivered by the experts with hands-on practical knowledge about various sectors. The AWS services conference is suitable for learning

  • To build the cloud adoption business case suitable for your organization
  • To understand the methods to calculate the cloud economics, cost optimization cost of operation, and factors that affect a business case
  • Building the business case for the adoption of AWS Cloud
  • To communicate marginal internal rate of return
  • Learn new things about return on capital employed, net present value as well as return on investment
  • To describe key inputs as well as output methods based on the cloud adoption business case

AWS Technical Bootcamps – “Build A Dynamic Conversational Bot”

This Technical Bootcamps is an intermediate-level and half-day bootcamp conducted on Nov. 28 to Nov. 29. It teaches the participants to design and build serverless conversational Bot with the dynamic learning facilities in much more efficient way along with the changes in the Product Catalog. Bot can be trained to understand better when a customer asks about the information or likes to purchase the product.


Therefore there is no need to configure and rebuild manually without any hassle. The AWS Reinvent Technical Bootcamps covers Amazon Lex programming model along with the way of using the AWS Lambda in Amazon DynamoDB Streams for performing the event-driven changes. This Technical Bootcamps is highly suitable for Solutions architects, Developers, Business operators and UX designers. It is also recommended that the attendees of this bootcamp needs to have basic concepts of amazon listing optimization with Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Lambda. Prerequisites for the Bootcamp are most important so that it would be easier to understand whole idea. Having experience with working as the programming or scripting language also adds points extensively. Participating in the Amazon Reinvent lets you to professional in the following.

  • Building Amazon Lex conversational bots
  • Designing Conversational Bots
  • Understand how the bots are modelled
  • Integrate Amazon Lex bot with the AWS Lambda functions
  • Leverage Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB Streams to rebuild dynamically your bot and helpful for learning the new items based on catalog
  • Understand basic analytics for detecting products or features instantly
  • Hands-on activities about AWS Management Console
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
  • Decoupling Business Operations of Bot Implementation
  • Adding the Dynamism with Conversational Bots
  • Improving Conversational Bots

Technical Bootcamps – “Migrate From That Expensive Database To Amazon Aurora!”

Technical Bootcamps is intermediate-level and half-day bootcamp that gives the participants with the overview about the process involved to migrate database workloads based on the Oracle to Aurora with AWS SCT (Schema Conversion Tool) as well as AWS DMS (Database Migration Service). Technical Bootcamps in Amazon AWS conference helps you to completely understand the functions, schemes, as well as Extract Transform Load (ETL) workloads to the AWS. It explains common database workloads used in the Oracle with the basic requirement of the workload. In fact, bootcamp covers the migrating ETL workloads with the AWS Glue. The Reinvent bootcamp teaches the participants with the following benefits such as

  • AWS Database Migration Service, Amazon Aurora as well as AWS Database Migration Service Schema Conversion Tool
  • Demonstrating to migrate from on-premises Oracle database to the Amazon Aurora
  • Migrate data from Oracle database to the Amazon Aurora using the hands-on lab process
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
  • Hands-On Labs
  • Utilize high end practices of planning and migrating on-premises Oracle into the Amazon Aurora

This Technical Bootcamps is suitable for the Database administrators, Developers, Solutions architects and Systems integrators to gain the complete benefits. In fact, the professionals need to have adequate knowledge in core AWS cloud services that includes Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Basic understanding in the relational databases is also most important for learning more information in the Technical Bootcamps.

Technical Bootcamps – “Text Mining And Sentiment Analysis”

“Text Mining And Sentiment Analysis” is a full day and advanced-level bootcamp in the AWS events. Bootcamps teaches how to design, build, as well as implement the text-mining applications for analyzing and visualizing the real-world consumer using the AWS tools and services like R. in fact, this bootcamp includes several topics like ingesting data from the Twitter feeds based on the real time and analyzing data with text-mining techniques based on the R. The Amazon Re invent conference produces the ingesting data with the services like the Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Elasticsearch Service (ES), Amazon Athena, Amazon Kinesis Firehose and many others in high efficient way. The AWS bootcamp teaches you to

  • Collect and prepare textual data of text mining and sentiment analysis
  • Analyze text with text-mining techniques as well as sentiment packages based on R
  • Visualize data in the RStudio with techniques like topic modeling as well as clustering of data
  • Ingest data with Kinesis Firehose
  • Query and explore data interactively with the Amazon Redshift and Athena
  • Search the collection with the text documents using features in Amazon E
  • Visualize data with the Amazon QuickSight
  • Apply knowledge to gain the hands-on labs with providing the practical experience to build end-to-end text-mining solution

The Reinvent Amazon 2017 bootcamp is intended for the Solutions architects, Data scientists, Data architects, Marketing and data analysts, Big data developers, engineers as well as many other hands-on data analytics practitioners.

AWS Reinvent Registration process:

Recently, AWS Reinvent announcements confirmed about the Registration process for AWS re:Invent starting from June 20 at 10:00 AM PT. For applying for the Registration, click the official website and Click “Register Now” to start registration process. People who have participated the AWS conference 2016 would know about the method of registration efficiently. Valid Credit Card is necessary for purchasing the Conference Pass or choose to pay with the Amazon Payment. To register for the Reinvent conference, participant needs to be 21 years or older. Upon completing online AWS Reinvent register process on the official website, confirmation email with payment receipt details will be sent from noreply@awsevents.com. Charges appears on your credit card statement as “ACT*AWS Reinvent 2017.” If you have registration code, then log on the official website to enter it and register for re:Invent.

  • When you receive confirmation email take print your invoice with logging in to your account
  • Click ‘Registration’, Scroll down and Click “Printer” icon that is present to the item with the invoice
  • Each candidate can purchase upto 75 Group Passes by selecting group ticket option at Registration
  • Purchasing the group pass will be confirmed and it includes unique registration code. The registration code will be valid for all the group passes and multiple times until passes have been redeemed.
  • Log in with the AWS re:Invent account at credentials you created during the AWS Reinvent registration and click on the “Purchase Additional Registration Items.”
  • To make changes to registration details, you can log in to your account and Click on the “Account Settings” section for editing your personal information for the registration.
  • New this year: AWS Reinvent conference 2017 hotels can be booked with the registration process

With the completion of the re:Invent registration, the participants can easily make the hotel reservation and attend the AWS Vegas conference in much hassle free way. When you have already completed the AWS Reinvent registration process, you can get the pass for the hotel

AWS Reinvent Campus/About the Location:

The AWS conference Las Vegas will be conducted in various areas such as ARIA, Encore, MGM, The Venetian, Mirage, The LINQ, Las Vegas, NV. The AWS Reinvent cost is very low when compared to the previous year Re invent 2016 and it is much easier to register instantly without any hassle. Shuttle transport facility is available for you to get transport around the re:Invent campus for getting the appropriate AWS keynote. In fact the registration process and the methods for booking the accommodations than Reinvent 2016 become much more simple. The AWS Reinvent 2017 location Shuttle service will be running on Sunday, November 26th throughout Friday, December 1 2017. Based on the AWS Reinvent dates, the Shuttle stops as well as the frequency will be published on September. Get the daily shuttle schedule and transportation service for the Amazon summit is provided from all hotels to 5k at Mirage. On-site translation services are available in the AWS Reinvent 2017 in Chinese, Korean, as well as Japanese for the AWS Reinvent agenda. The Translation services are not provided for all the other activities and sessions. Know about the complete AWS Reinvent keynote with major location in efficient way along with better transportation features included.

AWS Reinvent Partners and Sponsors:

The AWS reinvent live stream Conference has been conducted by the top AWS Reinvent party and involves specific presentations aimed at various elements in various sectors. It also includes a presentation theater for more number of hours of lectures and workshops. Top AWS Reinvent sponsors across the world are conducting the conference and it would be a great opportunity to know about the AWS Reinvent 2017 schedule in efficient way. in fact, it is convenient to get information the complete list of sponsors of Amazon Reinvent 2016 in the official website. Huge number of sponsors and partners are available based on the Emerald, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Top AWS conference Vegas Partners and Sponsors offers an affordable exhibit opportunity for the people who are seeking to gain exposure and expand their business with gaining the best upgrades about the innovative products and service in much efficient way.

AWS Reinvent 2016 Highlights:

AWS Reinvent 2016 become the financial juggernaut for Amazon which become the bigger deal in wider world of business. Reinvent AWS 2016 gained a huge success with the introduction of new innovation, products and service by various business executives across the world. Watch the AWS Reinvent YouTube to get the detailed information on the Hear keynotes by the visionary technology leaders, including Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon, and Andy Jassy, Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon and Sr. VP of AWS. AWS inventions 2016 answered many number of questions by the engineering teams who built the AWS Cloud in “Office Hours”. The reinvent 2016 conference Discover technology providers as well as consultants from AWS ecosystem with accelerating the success in AWS cloud technology like TrendMicro, RightScale, Citrix, Intel and Xceedium.


Amazon held the big conference for the customers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud division 2016 in Las Vegas. Existing Software industry have paid attention with the financial juggernaut for Amazon for becoming the bigger deal in wider world of business. The AWS Re invent 2016 was really big week for AWS and perhaps the biggest ever. With most significant announcement aws re invent 2016 with the launch of Amazon Lex are effectively with technology underlying Alexa and many others in efficient way. View AWS Reinvent 2016 videos sessions lead by AWS architects, product leads and developers. AWS reinvent conference helped many people to learn best practices of customers using AWS today like Netflix, NASA JPL and others. McGraw Hill, Robert Half International, Intuit, Pinterest, Thomson Reuters, Nokia Siemens, SmugMug,SocialCam, TinyCo, and more participated in many different activities of reinvent 2016 conference.